OnlineAppZone.com is a collection of the best web applications with a simple interface yet having a rich feature and open access to the public for free access without any limitation.

Image to PDF

Image to PDF

Easily convert your images to separate PDF files or combine multiple Images into a single PDF file. No size limit, no registration, no watermark or download is necessary.

Split PDF

Split PDF

A simple PDF extraction tool that extracts any specific PDF pages into a single or multiple brand new PDF files without losing any properties and qualities.

Merge PDF

Merge PDF

Simply and quickly merge PDF files online. Fuse as many PDF files together as you need in a few seconds without any limit and for free.

Image Size Reducer

Image Size Reducer

Easy online Image Size Reducer that uses the best optimization and lossless compression algorithms to reduce JPG, JPEG, PNR, and GIF image file to the minimum possible size while keeping the highest image quality.

UUID and GUID Generator

UUID and GUID Generator

Simple, Fast, and Easily generating unique UUID and GUID of all versions. Support single or multiple UUIDs & GUIDs generating for free.

Snowflake ID Generator

Snowflake ID Generator

Generate snowflake IDs effortlessly with our single and multiple snowflake ID generators. Get your free API and customize your ID generation options to suit your needs.

Simple by Design Yet Functional and Unique

OnlineAppZone.com was designed to be simple and easy to use by creating consistent and simple UI interfaces to reduce the learning curve and make the user feel more comfortable getting things done more quickly.

Loved by People Worldwide

We always try our best to observe and fill the need of our users. Throughout our journey, we have been served and trusted by thousands of people and businesses worldwide.

All Platforms Supported

Our online tools are compatible with any platform. So you can freely access our application from iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Data and File Protection Guaranteed

Protecting user data and privacy is our top priority. None of the user data or files is uploaded and stored at our server. Everything is processed inside the user's device.

No Installation Needed

By using any of our online tools, you are no longer need to worry about downloading a program or installing any software on your computer again. No software, no program, no app installation is required. Not even signing up is needed to use the service.

Completely Free of Charge

100% free, no limitation nor upgrade and subscription need, with lifetime access ❤


What is OnlineAppZone.com

OnlineAppZone.com is an online web based application that ambitiously aims to be the number 1 in providing unique and high quality online web applications to the people on the internet. Our goal is to develop completely free software to help people get things done fast by using the technology. Please let us know what"s on your mind and let us automate your boring task. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Which OS and Platform do OnlineAppZone.com support?

OnlineAppZone.com supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromeOS. Other platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Tablet are also compatible and expected to work well out of the box.

What is a requirement to use OnlineAppZone.com?

The minimum requirement to use OnlineAppZone.com is an internet connection to load our website resources and having a decent version of any web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Brave, Microsoft Edge, or any other modern browser you can think of. Although most older browser versions are expected to work just fine, having the most recent one is recommended to ensure the best user experience.

Can I use OnlineAppZone.com offline?

OnlineAppZone.com is designed and developed as an online web based application. So, an internet connection is required in other to download resources. Once everything is loaded, you can continue using our tools without the need for connection until you close your browser.