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Simple to use Image Size Reducer tool that will compress your images instantly with the result of up to 90% of image size reduction while maintaining original image quality at best. Additionally, you can compress multiple image formats such as JPG, JPEG, and PNG at once without any issue.

How to compress images?

  1. First, click on the Select Files button to select images you want to compress
  2. Then, click on the download button icon to download a single compressed image, or click on Download button to download multiple compressed images

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Quality: 60%

Fast Online Image Size Reducer

Just drag and drop or select your JPG, PNG, SVG, or TIFF images to start compressing and optimizing your pictures. Since the compressing process is worked inside your computer, no extra bandwidth is wasted for uploading and downloading from our server.

Compress and Optimize Any Images Online

Compress any image formats or extensions such as JPG, PNG, SVG, TIFF, and BMP easily by reducing the image size by up to 90% for free. Just drag and drop your JPG and PNG images into the toolbox above to quickly optimize and compress your JPG and PNG images.

No Installation Needed

By using our Online Image Size Reducer tools to compress and optimize your image file, you are no longer need to worry about downloading a program or installing any software on your computer again. No software, no program, no app installation is required. Not even signing up is needed to use the service.

All Platforms Supported

Our Image Size Reducer tool is compatible with any platforms. So you can freely access our application from iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Data Protection Guaranteed

Protecting user data and privacy is our top priority. None of the user data or files is uploaded and stored at our server. Everything is generated inside the user's device.

Completely Free of Charge

100% free, no limits on file size or the number of documents converted, no subscription, and lifetime access

Why Compressing Your Image Is Important For your website?

Compressing your image is a crucial process because it's the main factor that impacts the website's overall performance and speed. If you forget to optimize and compress your photo correctly, it will cause a lot of harm to your website reputation on Google. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider compressing your image:

  • Ranking: to make your website rank at the top position on Google Search, it needs to load fast. As stated by Google, page speed is now considered as a direct factor that impacts your website ranking because it significantly affects the user experience visiting your website. So, if your website takes more than 3s to load, the visitor will likely return to the Google page for another result. This will increase the bouncing rate of your website and give a bad signal to search engines.
  • Bounce Rate: the longer the load time, the higher the bounce rate. When your website took too long to load, your customer will lose interest in your website and leave your website which results in a sales drop. According to an Amazon case study in 2008, adding just 100ms to your page load time will cost you 1% of your revenue. So, choosing the correct file format and size will improve the user engagement on your site and lead to a successful sale.
  • User Experience: serving high-quality uncompress image in 10MB to a customer who is using an old or low-end device with a poor internet connection isn't a good idea. It may crash the entire web browser and leave your customer frustrated. So, serving thumbnail and the compressed image will make the page speed load a lot faster and improve your customer experience a lot greater.
  • Additional Cost: hosting a website isn't free. You need a hosting server and it's costly. By serving an uncompress image to your customer, not only you will need to pay extra money for the storage and bandwidth, but your customer will also need to pay an extra fee for their internet connection just to see your product image in 10MB!

What is the difference between lossy and lossless image compression?

  • Lossy compression main purpose is to reduce the original image size as much as possible by eliminating data from the original image permanently. In other words, some pixels are removed from the original image permanently. This process is irreversible results in a significant image size reduction and a degraded image quality.
  • Lossless compression main purpose is to reduce image size while retaining the image quality by trying to compress the image without the need to remove any detail from your original image. This process results in a larger image size compared to lossy image compression.

Why Optimize JPG and PNG Images?

Compressing your JPG and PNG images can save space for your computer and makes them easier to email and post on the web as it will consume less bandwidth required for uploading and downloading on the web. Compression is also helpful to reduce the website load speed and improve your website ranking.


Can I use to optimize JPEG Images on my iPhone, iPad, or Android devices? supports all mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. It is also working on other platforms including Windows, Mac, or Linux. In short, is working on any device with a browser and internet connection.

Can I use to optimize JPEG Image on my Windows, Mac, or Linux? supports all of the above OS, not limited to mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad, and Android. In short, is working on any device with a browser and internet connection.