About Us

OnlineAppZone was founded in late 2021 with the idea of creating online free tools. At first, I wanted to create a few apps that I often need to use very often at work such as Image to PDF Tools, Split and Merge PDF Tools, Case Converter Tools, and Text Compare Tools. Later on, I am thinking about other tools for our personal life as well. One of that tools is Compressing Images into a smaller image size so I can store any type of my photo shoot image more effectively without consuming too much storage on my devices. From time to time, a new app will be developed and added to the website. So, my mission is to create high-quality software that everyone on the internet can access freely without the need to pay for the service and love using day to day to simplify their lives. Although there are plenty of other similar tools out there, our goal is always to provide everyone with the best possible solution that they love and use every day at no cost.