Split and Merge PDF

Combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF document for free. Select any PDF files you want, then join them together or choose specific pages from existing PDF files and fuse them into a new file in just a few clicks.

How to merge and combine PDF documents?

  1. First, click on the Select Files button to select PDF files you want to merge
  2. Then, you may need to set Page Range to extract specific pages
  3. Lastly, click on the Download button to combine the PDF files

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File Range Actions

Fast Merge PDF Online

Quickly Combine PDF Files Online. Just drag and drop the PDF files to combine them instantly. Since everything processes inside your computer, no extra time and bandwidth is wasted uploading and downloading from our server.

No Files Limit

Do you need to merge 5 PDF files? or do you need to merge 10 PDF files? No need to worry we support combining as many PDF files as you need. We will help you fuse them into a brand new document for free.

No Installation Needed

By using our Online Image to PDF converter tools to convert Image to PDF, you are no longer need to worry about downloading a program or installing anything again. No software, no program, no app installation is required. Not even signing up to use the service.

All Platforms Supported

Our PDF Splitting and Combining tool is compatible with any platform. So you can freely access our application from iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux.

File Protection Guaranteed

Protecting user data and privacy is our top priority. None of the user data or files is uploaded and stored at our server. Everything is converted inside the user's device.

Completely Free of Charge

100% free, no limits on file size or the number of documents converted, no subscription, and lifetime access ❤

Why do you need the Split and Merge PDF Tool?

  • Extract specific pages: because you may want to send only a specific part of the document that's relevant to the recipient
  • Reduce the file size: to save uploading time and bandwidth
  • Add or remove part of the PDF file: in some cases, you may need to add or remove some pages from the PDF file, but you don't have the original document. So, it's impossible to add and remove any pages and export them again. So, the easiest solution is to Split any pages that you don't want out and Merge any pages you need in
  • Rearrange page order: imagine you put your content in the wrong order, and you need to get it print quick, but when you open your text document at the printing house, suddenly all the content is floating everywhere because of the different word processing software or version, then to get the problem solves quickly is to split those pages and then merge them back into the correct order!

Can I add an image to the existing PDF?

The answer is yes, but extra strep is required. Don't feel frustrated yet, it will be simple. Just convert your image into PDF first by using our Image to PDF tools, and then you can combine the newly created PDF into the existing PDF as usual.

What is the difference between Split PDF and Split and Merge PDF tools? Is it a duplicate tool?

As the name said, the first tool, Split PDF is mainly used for PDF file separation or extraction. But, what makes it unique is the bulk files extraction feature. You can extract multiple pages from multiple PDF files in a single operation. As for the Split and Merge PDF tool, it's mainly used to split single or multiple PDF files and then combine them into a single PDF file.


How to join a specific section of the PDF only?

To join a specific section of the PDF file:

  • Define pages range
  • Then continue other steps as normal
How to exclude any specific PDF files from being merged?

To exclude any specific PDF files from being merged:

  • Uncheck any files you want to exclude
  • Then continue other steps as normal
How to remove any specific PDF files from being merged?

To remove any specific PDF files from being merged:

  • Click on the Remove button to remove those files
  • Then continue other steps as normal
How to remove all the PDF files?

To remove all the PDF files at once:

  • First, check all the files by clicking on the Select All button
  • Then click on the Remove button
How to combine different sections of the same PDF file multiple times?

To combine different sections of the same PDF file multiple times:

  • Just select the same PDF file multiple times
  • Then set each of the page range of the section you need
  • Then continue other steps as normal
What does From and To mean in the Range column?
  • From is defining the starting page of a specific section that you want to split
  • To is defining the ending page of a specific section that you want to split

For example, you may want to split a specific section between pages 2 and 8. So you need to set From to 2 and To to 8 in this case.

Can I combine PDF files offline?

To use this tool to combine PDF files, you need an internet connection to load the required resources. Once everything is loaded, no internet connection is required.

Does OnlineAppZone.com store any uploaded files?

In short, no. The merging and combining processes are performed on your device so there is no file being uploaded and stored on our server.

Which browser does OnlineAppZone.com support?

OnlineAppZone.com works on most modern browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Brave, Opera, Chromium, Samsung Browser, and Internet Explorer. Other browsers should be working as expected. Please let us know if you find any issues on other browsers.

Can I reverse merge PDF files?

Currently, OnlineAppZone.com doesn't support this option yet. We are planning to work on this feature asap.